Noise Pancake Breakfast 2

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Noise Pancake Breakfast 2

Postby abfackeln » 2007-03-15 08:46


Can you think of a better way to deal with your St. Patrick's hangover?
I didn't think so!

March 18th - 12 Noon.
$7-10 sliding scale.. pancake breakfast included!!
Location will be disclosed on the G42 Myspace page on St. Patrick's Day.


Matt Shoemaker (Seattle)
Northwest native Matt Shoemaker focuses upon the treatment of sonic
phenomena. Sourced from both natural and electronic means, Shoemaker
manipulates sound in an affected and often grotesque manner, so as to convey compositions that uniquely imagine a space encrypted to the point of vanishing definition. His work has been published in countries as diverse as Portugal, Germany, England, USA and Malaysia.

Eric Lanzillotta (Seattle)
Eric Lanzillotta has been involved in sound in various aspects over
the last two decades. In this time, a few fragments have been
released for public consumptions on labels such as Anomalous Records,
Selektion, Alluvial Recordings, Beta-Lactam Ring Records, RRRecords,
EE Tapes and Jnana Records. Some of these recordings have involved
collaborations with Ralf Wehowsky, Andrew Chalk, and John Hudak. He
has also contributed to recordings by Hands To, AMK, Ultra, Edward
Ka-Spel and As a live performer, he has appeared in
United States, Canada and Japan, both solo and in duets with Bernhard
Gunter, Aube and Withdrawal Method.

Sistrenatus (Vancouver)
Cold Spring records (UK) and Hermetique records (France). Comes forth as a bleak industrial presence against a backdrop of harrowing white noise and dark ambient textures. The audible essence of degeneration and decay.

Pandora's Boom Box (Vancouver)
Merlyn's latest A/V noize experiment. VIDEO FEEDBACK = Hallucinogenic
strobing fractals transformed into dark drones, writhing ringing and
cacophonic crescendos.
(Tryptonmedia) (Mediacore)

Ejaculation Death Rattle (Vancouver)
Ejaculation Death Rattle force feeds artschool through mid 90's
noise, dark ambient, glitch and dollar bin records.

G42 (Vancouver)
An audio adventure that improvises using location recordings,
software, acoustic objects and various electronics to create
soundscapes of a whimsical or sinister nature.

paperbagepoxy (Vancouver)
pig-slaughtering good times and drowning in vomit,
paperbagepoxy never sleeps and neither will you. paperbagepoxy once
made an audience sit through an hour of toast. installation and
performance art for mono-brows since 1998, paperbagepoxy hufs.

+chef's special surprise guests

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